Artwork for Oncology Unit in Beaumont Hospital, Dublin

At the same time as ‘The Wave’ artwork was being made I was also working on a piece for the Beaumont Hospital (exact same layout of unit) but with a different theme. This one is called ‘The Chain of Charms’ and involved members of staff, patients and family giving their thoughts and images to incorporate […]

Artwork in St James’s Oncology Unit, Dublin

In May this year I was asked to make an artwork for the Oncology Unit at St James’s Hospital in Dublin. Called ‘The Wave’,this takes the form of a set of ceramic panels with different images relating to a bluebell wood, a river and its wildlife. It includes images of foxes, wrens, herons, migrating fish, […]

New Artwork for Gransha Mental Health Crisis Unit in Derry

Courtyard 1 –Men’s area –“Freedom” • A bird does not sing because it has an answer. It sings because it has a song. A line of different sized ceramic birds flows in two wandering lines along the wall to represent the pathway to recovery and a sense of freedom. Each piece is intricately textured with […]