Falling Leaves, Clonskeagh 2012

Falling Leaves, 2012


HSE Clonskeagh
Artwork for residential unit
Project Detail
Materials: Hand made ceramics, earthenware lustre glaze
Techniques: Earthenware ceramics with lightly textured printed images fired onto the surface. Multiple fired in gas kiln.
Dimensions: 4 x 1.3 m
Brief: To make a piece of artwork for the entrance lobby of the Residential Unit in Clonskeagh. Commissioned by: Health Service Executive, Dublin
Each section of the artwork has colour associations with each interior floor colouring (red, green, blue and yellow). Within the artwork are a number of falling leaves which are associated with the passing of time. Each leaf changes colour and falls to the next level of colour and this could be seen as a symbol of how a person changes throughout his or her life. On closer inspection the artwork has small insects and birds drawn into the surface so that the viewer has a new understanding each time it is looked at.
This artwork tries to capture a moment of emotion using colour, pattern and image, whether it is the play of light and dark of trees looking into a dappled clearing buzzing with plant and animal life, or the falling of leaves and the metaphor for the changes throughout life.