Riding the Wind, 2016

Riding the Wind, 2016


NI Hospice, Somerton Road, Belfast
Commissioned by: NI Hospice Integrated Arts Team and supported by the Arts Council NI Public Lottery Fund
Architects: Consarc Architects
Main Contractor: H&J Martin Ltd
Project Detail
Materials: Lasercut vitreous enamel, waterjet printed glass and printed vinyl
Techniques: Vitreous enamel and glass with printed images fired onto surfaces.
Designed printed onto vinyl for glass areas.
Dimensions: 6m x 3m (2 areas)
Artwork for the renovated NI Hospice in Belfast
As you look down towards the main corridor each artwork (one at each end of the corridor) is situated above and around a doorway facing towards the nurses station. 

A flock of glass and enamel birds soar away from the coloured blue and green patterns which surround the double doors. Colours of the surrounding countryside: blue sea, pale turquoise sky and green hills are softened by textures of grass, leaves and wild flowers. These textures are reflected in the fired surfaces of the enamel and glass birds.

As you observe these birds on their journey up the wall, I hope to capture that feeling of soaring; turning and twisting, letting the wind lift and carry them; going with the flow. 

There is a trust between the birds and the wind, the bird can manoeuver to where it wishes to go but also trusts that the wind will help it soar.

I hope the users and staff of the hospice can connect to that feeling of freedom, release and trust, and find it an uplifting and positive artwork which makes a small difference in their daily lives.