DiverseCity- Holywell Trust, Derry

It seems ages since I finished this artwork (actually nearly a year ago!) , I really must try to keep up with the blog. This was our first flooring commission and involved quite a bit of technical learning , mostly about photoshop file extensions and logistics of moving enormous tiles around the country. I also taught myself how to litho-print on clay tiles and my thanks go to Jim and Emmet in Kestrel who cut out the shapes in the tiles.Thanks also to Holywell Trust and the Arts Council of NI for selecting me for this commission.

Some info on the thought behind the artwork.IMG_5342
The artwork is based on shadows of different members of the communities which use the building.
This design runs along the length of the floor from door to door and has a thin blue wave at its centre which represents the core of the city- the river Foyle. On either side of this are patterned figures- walking, running, jumping, talking. The shapes are taken from silhouettes of some of the members of the groups involved in the building and the patterns on these tiles were decided by community consultation.

IMG_5294 IMG_5325 IMG_5328  IMG_5320IMG_5319IMG_5327 IMG_5331

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