Reflections of Dundalk Grammar School

DGS 025
Finished ceramics
history geography
History and Geography
Books with subjects
one of the sports tiles
one of the sports tiles

I have just finished this commissioned piece as a leaving gift from Ms. Valerie Meagher ( Deputy Principle) to the school.

The reaction has been very positive and some comments are enclosed after this.

Reflections of Dundalk Grammar School

The design criteria for this project were to create a colourful, engaging work of art for the foyer of the Harper Building and as a consequence hopefully provide enjoyment for staff and students as they pass by each day.

The Georgian windows in Hanbidge House provided the inspiration for the shape of the piece and this also helped it create a link between the old and new buildings. This window then is intended to provide a view/reflection, through its panes, of all that goes on in the school, hence the title of the piece “Reflections of Dundalk Grammar School”.
The subjects taught in the school, together with the school’s main sports and activities, are represented in some way either pictorially or on book spines. The school ethos is represented by the Grace.
The Virginia Creeper, such an iconic part of the façade of the Georgian building, is incorporated into the piece. Values and qualities, which the school espouses and wishes to develop in its students, are printed on the leaves at the sides of the window and key dates in the history of the school are printed on the three leaves below the title.
The piece is therefore a kind of snapshot in time of DGS and will decades hence (assuming it survives), provide a record, albeit a whimsical one, of the school circa 2015.
While fully aware that art is a very personal thing and tastes differ with every individual, it is the sincere wish of the three people involved in its creation, (the artist Diane McCormick, the school’s art teacher Jacqui Gray and the work’s commissioner Valerie Meagher), that “Reflections of Dundalk Grammar School” has fulfilled its design criteria and will be embraced and enjoyed by all in DGS.

Valerie Meagher
Oct. 2015

comments –
“Deirdre and I have been to the Ceramic Art installation this afternoon, wow!!!  what an incredible piece of artistry, just fantastic.    Every facet of what the school is all about, has been included.
Valerie must be commended for such initiative and, of course, in conjunction with the designer – Diane McCormick – who was in the process of putting the finishing touches to the installation of the artwork, we must be proud and grateful to them both for having such a wonderful project completed within the Harper Building.
The ceramics within this area has changed the whole appearance and certainly has uplifted the blandness of the white walls.    It is difficult to believe and understand what a difference this has done to the area.”

“Art piece is wonderful, there is so much thought in it, everytime you look at it you see something else, it is being much admired and appreciated”

work in progress
work in progress
after first firing and before glazing
after first firing and before glazing

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